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Solar systems

Solar systems. Preparation, design, implementation, maintenance, operation support, panel and inverter distribution. Our companies have many years of experience in designing, implementing and maintaining renewable energy systems. (biomass heating  plants). Based on this our partners expectations made a direction to the launch of the technically demanding solar power plants (Sharp and Kyoto solar cells, Fronius and Huawei inverters) for agricultural fields, food and beverage companies and local organization. Agrár Solar Ltd. prepares materials, import solar cells and inverters, supports customers in contacting and accounting with their current buyer. Alternconsult Ltd. performs the generic design, licensing, installation, responsible for servicing and scheduled maintenace.


Perhaps you know the feeling when working hard for the money but the energy cost takes most of your profit ...

  • So produce the energy yourself by installing a top quality solar system

  • For a good price with long life expectancy

  • Which do not require constant presence or supervision

  • Operate at low cost,

  • Require little maintenance and

  • Be environmentally friendly (thinking of future generations)

design installation solar energy rooftop agrocultural kW

Clear and transparent investment

  • Economically and technically well designed
  • Calculate your savings
  • Produce your own electricity needs
  • 9-10 years money return in on-grid mode
  • Optimized utilization of non funcional roofs and low-profit lands
  • Available built-in-roof solar panels
  • Well-designed, low maintenance
  • No environmental pollution

 solar energy installation 50kW system fronius huawei inverters 3 phrase offgrid ongrid

 We offer complete solutions which includes pre-studies, optimized design and licensing, implementation of good value-for-money systems, maintenance and operation-oriented services.


Our solar systems are designed to be optimized based on performance and return.


We are able to help you with the applications during the preparation, planning and constructing, finding a bank loan or in the case of surplus generated solar system 


Installations, setups and licensing of the solar systems are done by
our qualified colleagues and permanent subcontractors with many years of experience
In addition we also build the surrounded fence with electrical or manned live monitoring, remote controling, system protection as well as a tested data management


Our systems are built by outstanding quality products of top companies with an excellent background and available extended service and performance guarantee.
We are also here to carry out any expansion or upgrading tasks or the necessary maintenance, operational jobs at the request of our clients.


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