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Solar systems


We offer turnkey solutions from preliminary studies to optimized designing, from licensing to the implementation as well as maintenance of excellent value-for-money systems, along with general support to services  operations.

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Solar systems can clear our not only your electricity bill

The cooling, heating and ventilation of an existing or new building  can be completely cost-free combined with heat pumps,

The latest half-cell solar panels with a built-in bypass diode work more efficiently even under partly shade produced by objects such as nearby chimney or other structures.

Remote monitoring and smart system

A gyermeket nevelő családok otthonfelújítási támogatásáról itt olvashat.


Latest references:

Alternconsult BYD-Fronius Napelemes rendszer

Zsadány 7kW BYD-Fronius

Alternconsult BYD, Huawei napelemes rendszer

Rábapaty 36kW BYD-Huawei

Gyula 50kW napelem BYD, Huawei

Gyula 50kW BYD-Huawei

Alternconsult BYD, Huawei napelemes rendszer

Nagytőke 10kW BYD-Huawei

Alternconsult Canadian Solar, Huawei napelemes rendszer

Hódmezővásárhely 8kW Canadian Solar-Huawei

Alternconsult BYD, Huawei napelemes rendszer

Vassurány 16kW BYD-Huawei

Alternconsult Sharp, SMA napelemes rendszer

Mesterszállás 50kW Sharp-ABB

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