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Alternconsult Energetics Consulting Research and Development Ltd.

Targeted markets:
  • private and state own enterprises
  • municipalities, municipal companies, industrial parks
  • civil organizations
Operational areas:
  • energy audits (plan inspection of old and new buildings) and technical efficiency improvement recomondations (modernization of heating, lighting modernization with LED, ventilation - and cooling modernization, external insulation, modernization of doors and windows, green energy solutions (solar, geothermal, wind, soil and air heat pumps, biomass))
  • preparation of feasibility studies and tender documentations for energy efficiency and environmental awareness type of improvements,
  • financial and professional project management,
  • development and recommendation of innovative and effective financing solutions.

Internal capacity: 7 people
Number of specialist external contractors: Between 10-20 people

  • The company was founded in 2007 with the name: Beautiful Apartments and Homes Ltd. At the beginning the company worked for real estate investors-it carried out building evaluations and high-value real estate brokering. It made smaller private investments, worked as an outside consultant with smaller (150-200 million HUF) real estate developments and did the partial or whole project management of bigger (100-800 million HUF) real-estate investments.
  • The owner took part in the founding of HUGBC - Hungarian Green Building Council and in the development and annual revision of KEOP programme (Environment and Energy Operational Programme).
  • In 2009 the name of the company was changed to Alternconsult Energetic Consulting Research and Development Ltd. The name change brought a scope of new activities-building energetic, renewable energy sources and environmentally conscious architecture. Accordingly, the company was renewed – real estate activities got into the background- and building energetic audits and the related technical and financial advisory services became the company’s primary activities.
  • In 2010-2011 all the energetic tenders of the company won subsidy and these project related financial and / or professional project management assignments were given to the company as well. The same situation occurred with the cross-border (Hungarian-Serbian, Hungarian-Romanian) EU tenders.

Our aim is dissemination of energy saving and renewable energy technologies and environmentally friendly technical solutions in Hungary.

  • Biomass-fired renewable energy systems
  • LED lighting technology
  • Solar Panel Systems
  • Wind Power

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