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Activities, professional background

Our company has been working in real estate-related fields since 2007. We offer fast-paced, world-class, low-maintenance buildings and renewable energy technologies.
The designed and marketed building systems, special constructions, renewable energy technologies are based on the knowledge of leading Danish, German and French companies and are being constructed mainly in Hungary.

Sarusi-Kiss József, Sarusi-Molnár Andrea

Our company is able to perform all working steps in high quality. From energetic surveys to consulting and certification, as well as feasibility studies, planning, permitting, fundraising. Our technically and economically well-trained, language-speaking professional team is ready for turnkey projects helping our customers to cooperate with only one company, which eliminates coordination problems and makes fast and high-quality work.
Our internal architect, engineer, economic capacity is supported by the intellectual knowledge of several external expert companies.

In addition, the following products have been added to our product range:

  • flexible tanks and manure storage systems
  • agricultural and industrial buildings, stables
  • external and internal farming curtains and wall systems for separation
  • solar systems
  • pig and poultry technology
  • standby diesel generators
  • LED lighting
The specialty of our company is the implementation of renewable energy, biomass energy and heating technologies. We have an outstanding reference list together with our sister company Altherm Ltd. Biomass heating systems are described on the website while all other products are described on this website.
A significant value for our partners that we can also support the implementation of your projects financially through different tenders (livestock farm, horticultural, GINOP, TOP, etc.) via bank loans, leasing or return-based financing solutions.

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