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Quality assurance policy

Alternconsult Ltd. wants to meet the expectations of our customers in every aspect, considering business consulting, preparation of tender documentations and project management. Alternconsult is purposeful, helpful, responds immediately to new challenges and gives quality service on domestic and international field as well.

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The leaders of the company want to strengthen their market position. In order to achieve this, a quality insurance system is applied: MSZ EN ISO 9001:2019 . This is a reliable and modern system which is regularly updated and it demands high quality work in every field from the employees. The company applies this quality requirement with its suppliers and contractors as well.
The employees of Alternconsult Ltd regularly attend trainings and they are prepared to face the challenges with excellent results.

With applying quality insurance system, our company wants to assure the following:

  • give excellent customer service,
  • be a reliable business partner,
  • ensure adequate profit for partners,
  • help managers in achieving their goals,
  • insure stable and well paid workplace for colleagues

The processes of Alternconsult Ltd follow the legal and professional requirements on every level.
The leadership assures the opportunity for every employee and subcontractor to get familiar with the quality insurance system and creates the conditions for them to apply this on high level in everyday practice.

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