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Energy audits, analysis, feasibility studies

Pre-planned architectural, mechanical, electrical etc. analysis and audits.

The aim is to fully map new or reconstruction investment sites before the design phase.
Usually it is also suggested to examining the financial possibilities of investments

Building energy audits with suggestions

  • insulation analysis of walls, doors and windows
  • analyzing the heating system
  • hot water supply
  • electric units, power systems, lighting
  • upgrading ventilation
Urban energetic
  • energy audit of individual buildings
  • central energy supply, networking opportunities
Examination of energy producing possibilities
  • analysis of local biomass and other energy resources (wind, solar, thermal energy)
  • heat production (hot water for heating, domestic hot water) 
  • solar energy, diesel power generators
Simplified energy audits, support for new energy supply
  • Review of  and contracts
  • Electric and gas supply - energy management
  • Development of technical and economical options according the results of audition
  • Many options
  • Technical and financial calculations
  • Optimization from the investor's point of view
  • Sustainibilty study
  • Outputs are tailored to energy applications

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