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Planning &installation

Due to its own architects, engineering and technical team, Alternconsult Ltd. provides design and expertise services to its agricultural and municipal partners in two main areas of expertise.
Building systems and service structures and the designing of energy systems including biomass heating systems.
In case of large investments there is a need for a combination of these, based on the results of preliminary surveys and / or feasibility studies, covering architects, support structures, road design, mechanical engineering, electrical, fire and contact protection, environmental disciplines.

       Preliminary study plan, Feasibility study, Building permit holder design documentation, Supporting the licensing process, Export design documentation, Professional supervision of constructions, Responsible technical management, Technical inspection, Building Energy Certification and Consulting

  • Preliminary study plan
  • Feasibility study
  • Building permit holder design documentation
  • Supporting the licensing process
  • Export design documentation,
  • Professional supervision of constructions
  • Responsible technical management
  • Technical inspection
  • Building Energy Certification and Consulting
Usually for request of our partners we support the investor in the licensing and commissioning process from the first moment.

Technological Partners