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Energy audits

Building energy audits with proposals
  • thermal insulation of walls, insulation analysis of doors and windows
  • analysis of heating system
  • analysis of domestic hot water supply
  • electric power systems, lighting technology
  • upgrading of ventilation technology
Urban energetic
  • energy audit of separate buildings
  • central power networking opportunities
Examination of energy producing possibilities
  • analysis of local biomass and other energy resources (wind, solar, thermal energy)
  • heat production (hot water for heating, domestic hot water)
  • electricity generation (solar cell, wind)
Energy technology (industrial processes) audit (French partner)
  • energy source technology switching, exploration of renewable energy applications
  • combined heat and power production examination
  • reviewing of boiler systems, cooling and heating systems
  • compressed air and steam applications related recoveries
  • variable speed drive applications
  • development of measurability and control conditions
  • building management systems and advanced control applications
  • Alternconsult Ltd. is partner with the French Ferest Ing. ( company.
Simplified energy audits, energy procurement support
  • inspection of energy service contracts and invoices
  • electricity, gas supply areas - energy management, etc.
  • Alternconsult Ltd is the Hungarian partner of Get Energy ( company

Feasibility studies - on the basis of the audit results - development of technical and economical versions:

  • development of several versions
  • technical and economic calculations
  • version optimization from the investor's perspective
  • sustainability study
  • outputs are adjusted with energy applications

Planning and consultancy (technical team accustomed to tender)

  • licensee plans
  • implementation plans
  • professional supervision of construction

Customized financing solutions:

  • Hungarian KEOP energetic tender preparation - with great references and high winning portions
  • Hungarian MVH tender preparations - rural enterprises development in the field of energy and also in other areas
  • Direct EU tenders for local authorities and civil organizations
ESCO (Energy Service Companies) financing
  • it is an excellent solution for short term (3-5 years) payback energy technology (for example: biomass heating systems, LED lighting) projects
  • financing even without own contribution
  • energy saving (10-20%) from the beginning of the investment
Loan, lease and rental-financing
  • independently or in combination with tender
  • financing of longer-term return projects

Project management (projects in realization phase)

  • Technical project management
  • Financial and tender application project management
  • Complete and complex service

Technological Partners